Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot

Author: Pete Ramey

About: The hoof care practitioner’s bible. Every trimmer, farrier, and veterinarian should have a copy in his/her truck. Topics range from theory and practical trimming advice to nutrition, research, anatomy, hoof and body mechanics, and more.

Nutrition: Chapters included in this book are Nutrition and the Hoof and Hay Analysis by Eleanor Kellon VMD, Carbohydrates in Pasture Plants: A Moving Target by Kathryn Watts, and Equine Ulcers by Kerry Ridgeway DVM.

Laminitis:. A chapter by Eleanor Kellon VMD on Metabolic Laminitis gives you an in-depth look at the connection between endocrine and hormonal disorders and the often resulting laminitis. Studies and their results are referenced throughout the chapter giving you a history of our still evolving understanding of these issues. Pete Ramey give us an overview in the Laminitis chapter, but the discussion of laminitis takes place in almost every chapter in the book.

Recommendation: This is a good book to purchase when you have finished beginning clinics and have some mentorships under your belt. This is a reference text. You will refer back to it many times throughout your career as you face new cases and continue your education.