Each day includes morning coffee break and a lunch break. Classes may run late depending on the amount of material to be covered.

We have a few ways in which you can participate: 

  1. Lecture Day only.

  2. Lecture Day + Cadaver Day

  3. All 3 days.

  4. 'Returning Geeks' can take any clinic again FOR FREE! You just pay for your cadaver feet (1 or 2).


as of 2019 we’re changing our clinic days

Please note instead of the FRIDAY-SUNDAY format we are now going to see if SATURDAY-MONDAY works better for our participants.

lecture day.jpg

Saturday 9am-5pm
Lecture Day

  • Discussion of the Horse and the Foot (diet, environment, hoof care, etc.)

  • Anatomy, Structure and Function

  • Hoof mechanism

  • External and Internal Hoof relationships

  • Evaluating hoof health/ Evaluating Lameness / reading the hoof capsule

  • Hoof mapping: finding the external landmarks and comparison to internal anatomy

  • The basic trim

  • Hoof pathologies and how to address them

  • Assessing the horse

  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures

sunday 9am-4pm
Cadaver Day

  • Review hoof pathology

  • Overview of trimming tools

  • Cadaver trim demo

  • Assessing your cadaver hoof, mapping, formulating a plan

  • Trimming your cadaver hoof

  • Dissection demo

  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures on a live horse

  • How teeth affect feet

trimming day.jpg

monday 9am-3pm
Trimming Day



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