The Host attends any clinic or class for free.  

The Host helps with the physical organization at the facility and with eating arrangements.

We require the following;

Saturday: Lecture Day

  • Enclosed room (minimum of 30 x 30) with electricity and  heat:   space needs to be big enough for 36 feet of tables for our display, computer and tv,  and seating for a minimum of 15 people.  This can be a garage, barn, shop, viewing room, etc.

  • Restroom (preferably with sink and running water)


Sunday - Cadaver Day:

  • We will still need all of the above for the morning.

  • For trimming cadavers we need: 

  • Access to water

  • 2-3 long tables to work on

  • Well ventilated area (with heat available for colder days) for trimming cadavers - arena, garage, barn, shop


Monday - Trimming Day

  • An area to work on live horses out of the weather - a firm surface is required to take hoof pictures and good lighting is necessary for trimming - arena, barn, big shed

hoof geeks 3 day clinic outline.jpg

3-Day Clinic Outline