A Lifetime of Soundness

Author: Hilturd Strasser, Dr. med. Vet., PhD.

About: This is the book that started the barefoot horse movement. Dr. Hiltrud Strasser is a veterinarian who, for over thirty years, has been studying and researching the causes and cures of lameness and other common health problems of domestic horses. This revolutionary book will forever change the way you care for your horses. According to Dr. Strasser, "Most of the common health problems and lamenesses afflicting domestic horses are a direct result of man-made violations of their natural lifestyle, and can be prevented or cured through a removal of the cause and a return to a natural lifestyle." This book explains the Strasser Method and philosophy.

Recommendation: Dr. Strasser has opened the eyes, ears, and minds of most horse owners and caretakers to the fact that horses are naturally wild animals that have been domesticated but who still need to have everything involving their care as close to nature as it can be. Her books make a lot of common sense.