Each day includes morning coffee break and a lunch break. Classes may run late depending on the amount of material to be covered.

We have a few ways in which you can participate: 

  1. Lecture Day only.

  2. Lecture Day + Cadaver Day
  3. All 3 days.
  4. 'Returning Geeks' can take any clinic again FOR FREE! You just pay for your cadaver feet (1 or 2).
lecture day.jpg

Friday 9am-5pm
Lecture Day

  • Discussion of the Horse and the Foot (diet, environment, hoof care, etc.)
  • Anatomy, Structure and Function
  • Hoof mechanism
  • External and Internal Hoof relationships
  • Evaluating hoof health/ Evaluating Lameness / reading the hoof capsule
  • Hoof mapping: finding the external landmarks and comparison to internal anatomy
  • The basic trim 
  • Hoof pathologies and how to address them
  • Assessing the horse
  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures 

Saturday 9am-4pm
Cadaver Day

  • Review hoof pathology
  • Overview of trimming tools
  • Cadaver trim demo
  • Assessing your cadaver hoof, mapping, formulating a plan
  • Trimming your cadaver hoof
  • Dissection demo
  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures on a live horse
  • How teeth affect feet
trimming day.jpg

Sunday 9am-3pm
Trimming Day



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