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Hoof Trimming Clinic - Ninga MB June 8-10 2019

  • Ninga, Manitoba Canada (map)

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Please stay tuned… we are working out details from our host and will update this information as soon as it’s available.

Lunch will be available for a small fee.

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More and more horses are experiencing hoof problems these days, many of which could be avoided by following a more natural approach to hoof care. Know Hoof, Know Horse has never been more true. 

This hoof trimming clinic offers you the chance to learn about hooves and barefoot hoof care, including how to perform a maintenance trim on your own horse.

Navicular, Laminitis and Insulin Resistance are on the increase but this clinic will teach you many ways in which you can lower the risks (and lessen vet bills!) for your horse.

You will learn the best methods of horse keeping that allow your horse to be healthier, happier and fitter.

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Please note instead of our FRIDAY-SUNDAY format we are switching to SATURDAY-MONDAY to better accommodate our clinic participants.

Deadline for payment: May 15, 2019

Participants can attend Saturday only, Saturday+Sunday or all 3 days.

Max. 15 participants for full registration (all 3 days) 

$425 -- Full registration 3 Days - bring your horse**
$300  -- Lecture Day (day 1) - we will accommodate as many people as space will allow
$325 -- Cadaver Day (day 2) - attend lecture day + this day as well and trim 2 cadaver feet

**You will need negative coggins papers if you are planning on bringing horses on the last day of the clinic.

3-Day Clinic Outline



  • Discussion of the Horse and the Foot (diet, environment, hoof care, etc.)
  • Anatomy, Structure and Function
  • Hoof mechanism
  • External and Internal Hoof relationships
  • Evaluating hoof health/ Evaluating Lameness / reading the hoof capsule
  • Hoof mapping: finding the external landmarks and comparison to internal anatomy
  • The basic trim
  • Hoof pathologies and how to address them
  • Assessing the horse
  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures



  • Review hoof pathology
  • Overview of trimming tools
  • Cadaver trim demo
  • Assessing your cadaver hoof, mapping, formulating a plan
  • Trimming your cadaver hoof
  • Dissection demo
  • Demo - Taking meaningful hoof pictures on a live horse
  • How teeth affect feet



  • Assessing your horse, mapping, formulating a plan
  • Trimming your horse’s hooves!

There will be a morning coffee break and a lunch break.
Classes may run late depending on the amount of material to be covered. 

Tools you should have for the in-class trimming include rasp, hoof knife, knife sharpener, gloves and a hoof pick. Nippers, chaps and a hoof stand are NOT a requirement, but if you have them bring them. We will have tools and stands available for use and for sale as well.

It is recommended you wear steel-toed shoes or work boots and jeans for the hands-on trimming portion of the class. 


from 300.00

Our 3-day clinics hosted across Canada will give you the skills needed to confidently assess, evaluate and trim to achieve natural hoof mechanics and function based on each horse's individual conformation and hoof shape.

You DON'T want to trim your own horse? No problem! Understanding how your horse's feet work, and the things you can do to safeguard their overall well-being and health is our goal. You'll be empowered to evaluate your farrier/trimmer and be a part of the solution for your horse's ongoing soundness.

You DO want to trim your own horses? Then this course is perfect for you!

This is also the right course for you if you have an interest in pursuing a career in barefoot hoof care. 

Follow-up telephone/email consultations and advice are included. Textbooks are included with your tuition.

*Note for full clinic choose 'YES' and all other options should be 'NO'. Options you don't want should say 'NO'. You MUST attend theory day to participate in Cadaver day.

You will enter your registration information during the check out process.

**When you have filled out the form please go to the shopping cart and complete your purchase.

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OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you don't wish to pay online you may also do one of the following:

  • send etransfer to

  • call us to pay with a credit card 204-771-5335

  • send a check - made payable to Hoof Geeks - 292 McPhillips Rd. St. Andrews MB R1A 3E4

  • If you are choosing one of these options please register with this form.