Hoof Armor - Dispenser

Hoof Armor - Dispenser


Your horse stepped on your Hoof Armor dispenser?!

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered.

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Hoof Armor was invented to be used in a progressive conditioning program to enable a horse to comfortably and safely go barefoot. For best results when applying Hoof Armor, trim hoof wall level with the sole and do not thin/pare the sole by cutting it concave. Rasp all edges smooth and rounded. Along with a proper trimming routine where the sole is not carved concave and all hoof wall edges are rounded, Hoof Armor is used to help the sole grow thicker enabling it to help the hoof wall support the horse’s weight and to provide protection from bruising. Besides the protection from wear and chipping provided by Hoof Armor; the sole support, by distributing the weight over a larger area, will protect the hoof wall from cracking and chipping. After horseshoes are removed, it may take as many as two or three applications of Hoof Armor over as many trimming cycles to grow enough sole thickness for the horse to be insensitive to stones and sharp surfaces.

Just because your horse takes a misstep every so often, doesn’t mean that he is lame or generally tender over rocks.
Now that your horse can feel his feet, it is most natural for him to protect them by not putting all his weight on something sharp. Make sense? Horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot may show an immediate improvement in stone sensitivity, but may also take two or three Hoof Armor applications (trim cycles) to develop their best stone protection depending on the starting condition of the hoof.

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