Small Round Bale Bag

Small Round Bale Bag


We've found that Handy Hay Nets slow feeder hay bags are the best quality out there.

Available in 1.0" and 1.5" netting sizes. 2" netting size is a special order. Please email us here.

Make sure to measure your bales before choosing a size! If your round bales are 4'x4' or smaller then this is the correct bag for you.

The Small Round Bale Bag WILL NOT fit bales that are 5'x5'. The Large Round Bale Bag will fit up to a 6'x6' foot bale, as well as smaller bales such as 5'x5' bales. 

Works great for larger herds of other SMALL farm animals and will mean only refilling once a week, (depending on the size of the herd).

Take control of your large round bales and save 94% of your hay out of every bale! **see loading instructions below**

Netting Size:
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(4X4 TO 6X7) 

  • Set the bale on its side, where you want to feed it. We recommend putting
    a few pallets on the ground for the bale/bag to sit on.
  • Stretch out the net and the drawstring opening.
  • Throw the net up on top of the bale, and bring down the sides.
  • Roll the bale to get the bag over the whole bale.
  • Then lift up the net in 1 area to cut the twine or mesh and remove (this way
    the hay is ‘in’ the net when the bale expands).
  • Now pull the drawcord tight and tie it off. The excess cord needs to be
    tuck back into the net opening.

**NOTE: Always use a poly, metal or wooden feeder if your horses are shod. If they paw at the bags they can get the heels of their shoes caught in the netting.


Handy Hay Nets Slow Feeder Hay Bags have their own guarantee and return policy. Please review theme HERE and contact them directly for returns or exchanges. You will need proof of purchase (your receipt) from us.


Is your horse shod?

Visit Handy Hay Nets for some ideas to keep your horses safe when using hay nets.

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The tie string is very easy to untie in freezing weather on all Handy Hay Nets bags.


Benefits for your animals

  • Better for digestion as it slows down the amount animals can consume PER MINUTE but is FREE CHOICE and prevents bloat and colic.
  • Simulates grazing helping to release endorphins from chewing, which keeps hindgut bacterial flora happy and healthy.
  • Obese horses will eat less but still have access to food all day.
  • Alleviates the boredom and STRESS that can lead to ulcers, colic in horses, bloat in ruminants AND stops wood chewing, manure eating, etc.
  • No more bullying in the herd at feeding time. Calmer animals = happier herds!
  • Slow feeding regulates insulin levels for horses with metabolic syndrome.
  • Helps prevent choke in horses.

Benefits for you!

  • No more wasted hay.
  • Save up to 50% in hay costs!
  • No more rushing home to feed, or getting up at the crack of dawn because animals are hungry and calling!
  • Your horse is ready to be ridden at any time, saving precious time before a show/event.
  • Pre-load your Handy Hay Nets so feeding time is quick and easy.
  • No more pushy/aggressive animals at feeding time.
  • Need to soak your hay to reduce sugar content? No problem, just fill and submerge.



Choosing the right bag.